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Growing Up Italian
Don't talk too loud!

by aj Lombardi

The funniest Italian American comedy story you will ever read is here! Sunday dinner with the Luchanni Family is the place where everyone gets a double serving of great food, gossip, family love, arguing about who gave the least at a wedding, and the person who did not show up at a family funeral… Please come and join us for this funny new special episode in chapter one!

The old neighborhood is where it all happens.

The Luchanni's have lived on Nello Street since the arrival of Grandpa Vinny and Grandma Rose  to America. Down the block from Saint Michael’s church on Nello Street sits the three-family home of the Luchanni family. Across the street is Vindo's Italian bakery. From two blocks away, you can smell the heavenly aroma of fresh bread, pizza, and pastries filling the air.

The first floor is occupied by Uncle Carlo, his wife Aunt Edda, and their teenage son Nunzio. The second floor is where Grandpa Vinny and Grandma Rose live. Aunt Gloria, Uncle Carmine, their daughter Gina and wisecracking young son Butch live on the third floor. Aside from family members, there always seems to be an assortment of friends and strays who stop in from time to time. Some of these include Gina's boyfriend Joey, Butches friends Johnny Grande, Larry, and Tommy, And, of course, we cannot forget Father Tucci and Sister Henrietta. From time to time, Dolores Carpono will stop by with her daughter Carmella who has a mustache.


The family always seems to be gathered at Grandma Rose’s apartment. I'm sure it is due to her great cooking. Food, laughter, gossip, and arguments are always on the menu at the Luchanni family dinner table. Of course, we always have an abundance of wisecracks and insults coming from little Butch and Grandpa Vinny. I forgot to mention that we are pretty sure that Grandpa Vinny has a touch of dementia. Even though Grandpa Vinny sometimes goes to the store wearing only his budondies, everyone is afraid it will offend him if they mention dementia. The family is also afraid of "what the neighbors will think!"

Sunday  Dinner


After a Sunday dinner at Grandma Rose's apartment, some of the family, are gathered in the family room. Uncle Carlo walks into the family room carrying in a large-framed photo of his son Nunzio. "Just so you know, Uncle Carlo does not speak the King's English and is somewhat of a loudmouth." Aunt Edda follows behind, holding a small package. She hands the package to Grandma Rose. "Look what I bought you, Ma! I got these mopina's at Pulando's market for only three dollars. I know you can use them. Grandma Rose raises both hands to her cheeks and then does the sign of the cross. "Why did you do this, Edda? You always think of me; thank you so much!" Uncle Carlo buts in. "Hold off the applause, Ma, wait until you see what I have!" He is grinning ear-to-ear, holding a framed picture of his son Nunzio. "Hey everybody, how about my son Nunzio? What a guy! He's going to be a big  movie star someday!"


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Five Stars!                                                        Growing Up Italian Don't Talk Too Loud 



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